• André


Hi, my roots are French and boughs are American, I raised with 5 years in a small village close to Detroit. After my graduation I got the idea to get experience as much as I can, catch and worked for many companys. Luckily I got more than I had ever expected. Now I´m graphic designer in a large company and still I feel lucky to share my views...



  • Susan


Hello, I´m Susan. We live in Michigan but originally I´m from China. I work as fotograph for many companys. Image editing and compositing are my passion.

I´ll help to bringing up the project forward as best I can.



  • Kurt


Hi, ich komme aus NRW, habe zuvor in einer Design Agentur gearbeitet und nebenbei geFree - und geGhostLanced; aka. N3O / NΞO / SKURT . Meine Stärken liegen im Logo Design, Identity, Brand, Corporate, LayOuts, 3D Modeling, LookReal Renderings, GFX, VFX und SFX. Meine Passion ist das Design und die Berechnung der Grafik.